UTP/Video Signal Balun AV-12C; Par


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UTP/video signal balun, with cable mounted with BNC plug.

UTP cable and video signal balun details:

connection: 75ohn BNC connector, 100ohm screw-type connector or RJ45.

Can be used with unshielded screw-type wire pair.

24-16AWG (0.5-1.31mm2)

Cable: CAT2 or better.

1-channel active video signal balun.

General info: transformator coax-UTP is a transmitting device that enables us to transmit signs of black&white or color cameras via UTP cable to the receiving unit. UTP cable must be CAT5 or higher quality.


-can cover bigger distances than coaxial cable
– sign transmission without interference
– compatible with CCTV systems

– transient protection
– one cable is suitable for four signs, eg. video, audio, data, phone, power
– easy to install, cost-efficient as compared to coaxial solutions
– passive sign transmission distance: in case of black&white video sign: 610m, in case of color image transmission: 400m (depending on cable quality), with active elements: approx. 1000-1200m.