Led svječice RGB, 8M


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Sveukupna dužina 13 metara (5 metara kabel za napajanje)
Timer funkcija (6 sati upaljeno/18 sati ugašeno)
Mogućnost instalacije: vanjska i unutarnja
Stupanj zaštite IP44
Visoko kvalitetni kabel!
Preporučena visina božićnog drvca: 140 cm

Modern energy-efficient LED chain for excellent quality. The decoration is perfect for a Christmas tree, balcony or terrace, as well as on a storehouse or as a home decoration, providing the creation of a unique, unique festive atmosphere.

LED Lighting is a modern, durable and energy-efficient light source. If one of them is burned, the entire set does not expire. The kit is made of durable, bending-resistant and burning copper wires in green shirts.

A chain of Christmas lights has a built-in timer-when you plug in and press the switch that is on the power supply enclosure (the green light lights up), the timer will be set for 6 hours. Then it will turn off automatically and remain switched off for 18 hours. During these periods of time (6 hours switching on/18 hours off) it will work automatically as long until it is turned off with the switch.

Colour RGB multicolor
Length of chain: 8 metres away
Total length: 13 metres away
Recommended height of the Christmas tree 140 cm
Cable color: Green
Apply: External and internal
Number of LEDs: 80 pieces
Power: 230v
The distance between the LEDS: 10 cm long
Protection IP44
Life 50 000 hours
Additional Information: Timer function (6 hours switching on/18 hours off)
Auto on/Off
Warranty: 2 years