Izolir traka plava 10m x 15mm


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SCAPA 2702 is a 0.13mm thick, lead free, self-extinguishing, plasticized PVC insulation tape using an aggressive pressure-sensitive rubber-based adhesive system. This premium quality product is manufactured in Europe by SCAPA GROUP plc according to international standards and with focus on environmental safety.
Distinguishing features of the PVC tape:
  • High quality materials ensure maximum longevity;
  • Aggressive pressure-sensitive rubber-based adhesive system ensure good adhesion to the substrate;
  • High elasticity and (180%) and tensile strength (25N/cm)
  • Self-extinguishing PVC;
  • Good resistance to abrasion, corrosion and moisture;
  • High dielectric strength;
  • Approved by IMQ i VDE*;
  • Conforms to BS3924;
  • Operating temperature: 0