Baterije NiMh Energizer 1.2V AA 2300mAh, 4 kom.


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4 x Energizer Extreme R6/AA Ni-MH 2300mAh Punjive baterije
Oznake: HR6/MIGNON
Opis: Punjive Nikal-Metal hibrid
Napon [V]: 1.2
dijametar [mm]: 14.5 in
Visina [mm]: 50.5 in

Energizer EXTREME ‘s innovative rechargeable batteries utilize the new patented Super lattice Alloy technology. Thanks to the new chemical composition, more thickening of the components is possible. The use of clean materials also allows to reduce the waste generated in the chemical reaction.

New Energizer EXTREME batteries simultaneously provide:
– Maximum Capacity
– maximum number of charge cycles (extended service life)
– Excellent load retention

A charged Energizer EXTREME battery left unused for 12 months retains as much as 80% of its initial capacity and can be used in devices.