Baterija GP R20 Ni-Mh 5700mAh


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1 battery pack R20/D Ni-MH
GP ReCyko + 5700 Series 5700mAh

The latest series-dedicated to professional applications

  • Rechargeable batteries immediately ready for use
  • High efficiency in products with high energy consumption
  • Retain up to 80% of energy after 2 years after charging
  • Up to 1000 charging and discharge cycles
  • They do not have “memory effect”-they can be loaded at any time

1 Rechargeable Ni-MH R20/D ReCyko + is produced by one of the world leaders in the field of Accumulat and battery production-the company GP Batteries.

GP ReCyko +-Advantages of battery and battery in one finger

Many people looking for the best power supply for modern appliances used in the home is faced with an unpleasant choice-to buy a battery or battery. GP Batteries the world leader in the manufacture of batteries, accumulators and Chargers has combined the advantages of a rechargeable NiMH battery and battery-instant ready to use with the possibility of recharging. GP ReCyko + is an innovative solution for those expecting full energy, convenient to use, economical and environmentally friendly batteries.

GP ReCyko + is the result of continuous research and development of the manufacturing technology of GP Batteries products. GP ReCyko +, like ordinary batteries, can be used immediately after purchase. However, they have the advantage over them that they can be used even in modern equipment, which requires a large single power consumption. With a larger capacity GP ReCyko +, you can take 6 times more shots than using an alkaline battery.

GP ReCyko + 5700mAh uses a special technology, which even holds 24 months to 80% of the accumulated energy in the drawer. This allows us to use them immediately without the need to recharge. After such a long time, normal batteries would be completely discharged, and GP ReCyko + can be recharged and taken with you without having to take the charger.

GP ReCyko + is also great for flashers, pilots, clocks, radio receivers, etc. in all devices with high energy consumption. An additional advantage of the new GP batteries is working in all weather conditions.

The most important features Of the product include:

  • Rechargeable batteries do not lose unused capacity-they retain up to 80% of the load after 24 months, even after a year of time they can still be used successfully-standard high-capacity rechargeable batteries can waste up to 30% after the first day after removal from the charger and up to 3% The load of the next day, lying unused
  • Rechargeable batteries are immediately ready for use
  • No memory effect-rechargeable batteries can be charged independently of the current state of charge
  • Latest version of Professional rechargeable batteries-the highest performance in devices with high current consumption

  • Specification:

  • voltage [V]: 1.2 in
  • Series: ReCyko + 5700 Series
  • minimum Capacity: 5700mah
  • Quantity: 1 piece
  • Size: R20/D
  • Other Indications: HR20
  • height [mm]: 61.5 in
  • diameter [mm]: 32.2 in
  • cell Weight: approx. 124g