Baterija Everactive 27A

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Batteries from the current production-straight from the valued manufacturer everActive with a very long expiry date (up to 5 years from the date of manufacture).

Proven reliability.
High Performance Alkaline series -guarantees high performance.

Features Of everActive battery:
– environmentally friendly, mercury-free-the production process is not used in the manufacture
– reinforced, sealed design -high resistance to watering, long shelf life while maintaining high utility qualities,
– high Performance in every application,
– ideal for remote control systems, memory support, remotes, alarms, wireless ringtones, garage door automation systems, etc.
– High Reliability and repeatability of parameters.


Model A27 27A 8LR732 L828 MN27
Voltage 12 V
Capacity 25Mah Battery
For low loads
Dimensions Max. 7.6 x 27.3
Weight 4.6 g/h
Packaging Blister-5 PCs.